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While RVing in Colorado, and being very far from home and my dentist in Virginia, I learned I needed extensive dental bridgework—and I needed it soon. A family member recommended Tamara Herremans, DDS in Lakewood, and how thankful I am she did! Immediately upon entering Dedicated Dentistry I was warmly greeted by friendly front reception staff who soon introduced me to a smiling Dr. Herremans and her efficient dental assistant. Two months and several visits later, my dental work was complete and I walked out a very pleased patient. Through it all, Dr. Herremans proved to be extremely knowledgeable, patiently thorough, truly caring and most capable! Two words sum up Dr. Herremans and her remarkable practice: PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE!

Bill K.

Dr. Herremans goes to great lengths, working with everyone involved, to make sure the final product is exactly what the client wants. More importantly, Dr. Herremans goes to great lengths to make the client comfortable and relaxed. Her level of care and attention to detail is second to none.

Amy Z.

My misaligned teeth were the result of losing a permanent tooth to a childhood accident. As an adult, I assumed that correction would take months, if not years, of wearing braces. However, in just a few weeks from the time I began working with Dr. Herremans, she transformed my smile into one I could be proud of again. Amazingly, no braces were needed! I couldn't be happier"

Bob F.

I so appreciate the great care I receive in Dr. Herremans' office. Sometimes you get lucky and I know I have!! They all are so efficient but so kind and helpful! I'm sure the staff enjoy working in such an environment that each helps create in such a positive way. I don't want to "visit" too often but…. When I do I feel "lucky" to be in such great hands.

Chris B.

Sometimes a person gets lucky…. Well, I'm here to say, did I ever get LUCKY!! Not only do I have the best dental care in the USA, I have the best people in the USA - beginning with attitude. It doesn't matter what I call about, come in for, have a question about; you all bend over backwards to help and you do it with those great smiles! Next, flexibility. You'll do what it takes to get the job done and timely. And of course, Caring. It was so nice you had a balloon waiting for me when I came in on my birthday! Bottom line is I'm very grateful for all of you. Thanks a bunch!

Chris B.

It's not very often I feel comfortable doing this for a doctor, but my experience with you and your staff has been phenomenal. The dental work I have had done by you exceeded my expectations. Your professionalism, caring attitude, and superb work are excellent. I would recommend you to anyone and have!

Doug W.

In a nutshell, I'm so pleased with the improvement in my smile! I have full confidence in your work; I appreciate your integrity; I love the atmosphere in your office, and most of all, I trust you fully.